Agritone Premium Replacement Cartridges

BDT Concepts has long committed itself to being an environmentally responsible organization through extensive empty core collection, recycling, and remanufacturing programs. Now,BDT Concepts takes that commitment to the next level by offering AgriTone™, premium replacement toner cartridges containing toner made with renewable bio-resources. Powered by BioBlack, a toner containing bio content with patent-pending protection, AgriTone™ cartridges boast the imaging industry's highest concentration of bio-content according to independent third-party testing.

A Toner Cartridge...But More

The critical difference between AgriTone™ cartridges and traditional cartridges is that AgriTone™ cartridges contain BioBlack, a toner containing a significant concentration of bio-based resin, in place of petroleum-based resin. The resins used to create the toner are made with natural oils from American crops like soy, corn, and cotton seed, all renewable resources that are not only readily available, but sustainable long-term.

Laser Catridges

The use of bio-content holds several distinct advantages:

  • Increases energy independence by alleviating the need for petroleum products
  • Spurs economic development by increasing demand for existing agricultural products
  • In-house cartridge manufacturing
  • Improves the environment by reusing existing cores and promoting the use of renewable bio-based resources
  • Supports local agriculture by following recommendations promoted by the USDA and the 2008 Farm Bill

More Green Same Quality

AgriTone™ premium replacement toner cartridges are manufactured and tested in BDT Concepts ISO 9001 registered and STMC qualified manufacturing facility in Valley Grove, WV, and are backed by the same warranty and outstanding customer service that you have come to expect from BDT Concepts. Moreover, AgriTone™ cartridges are designed to behave the exact same way as a typical toner cartridge, so no adjustments need to be made in a user's print environment. In short, users get the same quality available from traditional cartridges while supporting the environment, agriculture, and energy independence.

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